Las Vegas Meal Prep





Meal Choices

Keto meals 

1-chicken buttery mushrooms

2-beef crochets with mashed cauliflower

3-spicy beef with buttery spinach

4-chicken mayo stuffed avocado

5-spicy mint turkey with mashed califlower

6-stuffed veggie mayo avocado

7-chicken with mashed cauliflower

8-pork stir-fried with mashed cauliflower.

9- bbq turkey burger with buttery veggies

10-bbq beef burger with spinach quiche

11-bbq chicken with buttery zucchini



1-  Chicken fajitas with sweet potato 

2-  Beef fajitas with sweet potato 

3-  Beef sirloin stir fry brown rice & veggies

4-  Chicken stir fry with quinoa & veggies 

5-  Spicy lean ground chicken with sweet potato & veggies

6-  Smoke lean ground turkey with baked zucchini 

7-  Chicken stuffed avocado

8-  Pot roast angus & mashed cauliflower 

9- Beef meat balls marinara & sweet potato 

10- Turkey meat balls marinara on quinoa

11- Sauteed chicken with spinach & brown rice